Thursday, February 23, 2012

This picture is from Riley's piano recital in January. He played two songs, Heigh Ho and It's a Small World. He did a great job!

There have been a few things going on around here...

Riley started a social group after the first of the year. It meets every sunday for a little over an hour. The woman who runs it, works for my school district. She does this as a side job. She is excellent. They are working on the exact things that concern me: being able to see things from another person's perspective, being less rigid, etc. He likes going, and I REALLY like the connection I have made with the other moms. They have the same frustrations. It's kind of comforting to know that I am not alone.

Riley has been melting down a lot more lately. About stupid things too: like not being able to find his scout scarf (when he was told to locate it two hours before, but didn't) at the last minute. It caused lots of crying and tears. I think his hormones are raging, but I swear I am waiting for his head to spin around. He never threw fits like that when he was little, so it's kind of new for us. He also had a major meltdown over attending a Superbowl party. He just didn't understand why he should go because he doesn't like football. In the end, he went, but he took a book. I let him since the hosting family has an Autistic child as well, and I knew they would totally understand. Our goal is to try and get Riley out to be social at least once over the weekends. He is happy to just stay home, not talking to anyone.

Our lovely neighbor is up to his old tricks. He and another boy threw a rock at Riley when he was walking home from school. He was behind them on the way home, but they stopped and made him go around them, so that they were behind. The neighbor threw the rock. The thing is though that Riley didn't know he threw a rock until the next day when the other boy told him. He sits next to Riley in Math and he said that our neighbor threw the rock to scare Riley. He admitted it. I sent an email to the VP-that whole strand was a joke. Basically they got a warning and that's it. They denied that they threw the rock. Kevin called and talked to the VP, who told him that parents were called, and next time there would be a consequence. I let the VP know how dissatisfied I was with the handling of the situation. It was intimidation and bullying, both are suspendable offenses according to Ed Code. Apparently not the first time though, and now there's a paper trail so if they bother him again, they will be suspended. I suppose they will have to kill Riley in order for something to be done. Next time though, we call the police. That jackass is old enough now to STOP his asshole behavior or risk the legal consequences. I really have no idea why he keeps bothering Riley. I really don't. Riley says nothing to him, doesn't even look at him, just ignores him completely and yet this kid keeps going after him. His parents are horrible. His sister is equally as horrible. Do you know how hard it is to watch your child constantly hurt? It sucks, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone-well, except the neighbor kid. THAT would be great! I would pay money to watch that! I saw him walking down the street the day after all of this came out. He looked right at me (I was driving), with this deer in the headlights look and I looked right back at him and mouthed the word "ASS" at him. I hate that kid. Next time I see him I am going to give him the watching eyes.

Today we met with a new psychologist. We are having Riley reassessed and this time they are completing the IQ portion of the test. I think that's important to know in terms of school and services. Riley goes for the first round of testing March 6, then two more sessions after that.

High School registration will be coming soon. We have already gotten calls from the HS about programs (the athletic department-LMAO, oh yeah, I am sure they want Riley). He was nominated to do some AVID program, but we are declining. It's a four year program to prepare kids for college. That would be his only elective. I feel confident that Kevin and I can get Riley ready for college. He needs to have his electives. He wants to do band, and we want him to have that experience and meet new friends (we like the old ones too, but he needs more friends). He actually went with the 8th grade band classes, to the HS to listen to their band teacher speak about band in HS. He can actually take 7 periods and can take concert band AND marching band, AND marching band counts for PE!!!!!! I will make an appointment with the HS, at the end of this school year. We need a smooth transition to HS.