Monday, October 17, 2011


Well, here we are, 8 months and 6 days from Riley's original diagnosis of PDD-NOS (from his therapist), and Riley was finally, officially tested! He was out of school for the day, to get it done. He's already made up the missed PE class too-he wrote a paper about the rules of tennis.
I pulled all of this stuff out of Riley's backpack. Tons of wadded up pieces of paper, and he had three books in there for his read time! We cleaned the whole thing out, and he chose ONE book for his read time.

We went to Riley's happy place over the weekend too! We drove down to Disneyland on Friday (after he got out of school), and we came home last night. I wish you all could see what a different person he is at Disneyland. It's truly amazing.

After the testing today, the lady who conducted it, gave Kevin a check sheet. The sheet had three areas for determining Autism, and in order to be diagnosed on the spectrum, a person has to have so many deficits under each of the three areas. Riley more than met that criteria, so we know he IS on the spectrum. We are now waiting to see exactly where he falls.

Annoying issue of the day: I got a phone call from the principal at the Jr. High (she is useless really). She was asking about the observation set up for tomorrow-that is part of the testing. This same woman from today, goes to school and observes Riley in action. HE of course knows who she is, and why she is there, but the kids do not. So I set it all up with the VP, counselor and psychologist. I left the principal off of the list, because I figured she didn't need to be involved-the VP is the one who handles the 504 plans. The only reason she was involved last year is when I threatened a child advocate, and there was scurrying going on.

Anyway, so she called me today, at school. She wanted more info on the observation because the woman had called her to make sure it was a go. She said she didn't know anything about an observation and she had nothing in writing. I said that I had emailed the VP, counselor and psychologist, and that I had not included her in the thread. She said SHE was the one that handled that (and I was to know this how???). Basically she needs permission from me for anyone to observe. I said I had sent an email to the other three. She then tells me that they don't know anything about it either. (lies lies lies) I, of course, save EVERYTHING and I have the email thread. In fact I have the original email I sent to the three stating when Riley would be tested and when the observation would be conducted. The VP responded that the observation would be no problem, and when would that be? (So AGAIN, I wrote him back stating when the observation would take place). THEN, last Friday I sent him another email, asking when we would meet for Riley's 504, and REMINDING him of Riley's testing and the observations (the teachers need 24 hours notice). He never responded to that email. I sent that to the principal as well.

Long story short (I know, too late), THAT woman rescheduled the observation for Thursday, and she sent out a message to all of the teachers. I tried to tell her that the VP had already done that. I know he did because at Back to School Night, his Math teacher told me she was aware of the observation. I think the principal is on some sort of control kick, and is probably mad that I left her out of the loop. I think you can all see WHY I left her out of the loop. Useless. So I guess Thursday is just as good as tomorrow (whatever). I had some snarky comment for her in my response about Thursday, and I almost added, "He'll be just as Autistic on Thursday as he will be on Tuesday," but I refrained. I try to only deal with the VP, who I like. He's a nice man, and I KNOW he did his job. Maybe she needs to feel needed? I NEED her to leave me and my kid alone.

So that's where we are right now. Hopefully a clinical diagnosis is very close. 8 months, 6 days.

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