Friday, December 23, 2011


Riley had his first performance with the band, last week. His music teacher is amazing. All of the bands are just spectacular! Riley can actually play the clarinet! He was pretty pleased with himself.

So after break we are going to possibly look into an advocate. Riley's 504 plan is not being followed. There are at least 4 accommodations which are not being implemented. One of which, and my biggest concern, is a social group. The psyche was going to look into starting one, but needed to get permission from some other parents. We've heard nothing about it since. We met for the 504 in October. I am tired of playing with these people. My kid needs some accommodations as this disorder is starting to affect his academics. The junior high seems unable to do this, so now we must go forward. I have plans, oh I have plans, and I don't think I will be very popular, but who cares? I have pretty thick skin, and this is my kid and this crappy school district is wrecking him.

Riley is starting a social group in January. There's a woman who works for our district, who runs social groups on the side. We will have to pay out of pocket for this, but he needs these skills. Oh, and I did get a phone call from my private Cigna Kelly (when you bitch about Cigna on Twitter, you get results), saying that our insurance will cover a social group (it's in Mountain View though), so I believe we will explore that option as well, and try both groups for awhile. The local one will be good, because perhaps we can connect with some local families who know what we deal with daily, and can relate.

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