Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Still Here

Things are really crappy right now. 25 days until Riley is out of that damn school. I burned my bridge with the counselor there, after his report card and some very scary words from Riley. She's useless anyway. She has done nothing but fight me on an IEP, and she hasn't helped him at all. I thanked her for that. :-) AND I work for the district!! I can't imagine what would happen if I wasn't a teacher!

There are just lots of things going on right now. Some I don't care to share. It's heartbreaking and rather stressful.

Results are almost ready (from the third professional we have seen), and now we have sought a psychiatrist. Anxiety is at an all-time high (school, grades, expectations) and Riley doesn't want to go anywhere. He just wants to be home all the time. He has the appt with the psychiatrist on May 25. We think he needs some meds to help with the anxiety. The not wanting to leave the house is getting old fast. Really very frustrating. I mean he doesn't want to go anywhere (except Disneyland).

I am contacting the high school for a meeting. It's IEP time and I am done fucking around with this district. Oh, will be contacting the head of Special Ed as well. It's time she knows what is going on. Keep that to yourself as I plan on "surprising" them. I have played their game, tried to do it their way, but it's not helped my kid. That is unacceptable. He has a right to an education, free from constant harassment from peers, in the "least restrictive environment." Done. Playing. Games. We've dicked around for 2 years now.

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