Wednesday, June 15, 2011



You can already see the change in Riley. He is a lot more relaxed now that school is over. When asked what his favorite part of 7th grade was, he can't think of anything. He didn't really like any of it. I so hope 8th grade is better.

Today was our first official day of summer. Riley had an appointment at Stanford this morning, with the endocrinologist. He is going to be part of a growth study. He will take a pill, each day. This pill will stop the production of estrogen, which will keep his growth plate open. He will then produce more testosterone, which should speed up the "masculinity" process. The study involves a blood test every 6 months, which is not a big deal. The side effects are very minimal, if any. We really have to do something. His size is a problem for the other students. We really just have to try something to see if we can get him to grow some. Isn't that sad? That he can't just develop naturally? That we have to try and kick-start it because of the creeps in the world. I really wish parents would take more responsibility in raising their kids and teaching them that teasing and tormenting others is not acceptable. Jerks.

*Oh by the way the dogs in the picture belong to my friend from school. We are dog sitting for them while they are on vacation.

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