Thursday, June 23, 2011


Riley really likes his routine. He likes to know what is coming up, and when, and for how long. As long as he is aware of things (appointments especially), he does just fine. It is sometime hard to spring a surprise dinner out on him, but he will go along with it.

Riley LOVES to travel. He has no problems with the lack of schedule-or lack of his regular schedule. We keep him informed as to what the plan is for the next day, and he's good to go. He's got his favorite books packed, and is happy as can be. Well, except for his computer (his lifeline). We are not letting him take it on our current trip (Washington DC and New York City). It will just make his backpack too heavy and since everyone has to man their own baggage, we said no to the beloved computer. Kevin has his and I will have mine, so he should be covered just fine. He's pretty excited about this trip! We all are!

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