Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This is Riley, playing with an iPad2 at the Apple Store in NY.

Yesterday Riley had a physical. I discussed my concerns about anxiety with his doctor, and asked if it's possible that he could have asthma. He's been coughing (FOREVER), mostly at night, but apparently, also when he runs. He volunteered that tidbit in the doctor's office, and when I told him that would have been good to know during the school year (for PE!), he said, "well you never asked." He's right. I didn't. Anyway, he could have a little asthma. We need to make an appointment for a spirometry test. The doctor prescribed an inhaler to use as well, plus he could take anti-inflamatory medication.

While at the doctor's office yesterday, I got the spinal x-ray done for Riley and scheduled his bone density test. He's taking part in a study (Aromatase Inhibitor Study), through Lucile Packard, and the doctor needed those two tests done. Riley and Quinn see the same endocrinologist. The study involves Riley taking a pill each day. The pill will stop the production of estrogen, thus freezing his growth plate, which will allow him longer to grow. If it's successful for him, it may be something we can do with Quinn as well. Our boys are super lucky that their parents have given them BOTH short stature.

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