Saturday, July 2, 2011

We did not write this. It was just a coincidence that somebody else named Riley was having a party at Central Park, the same day we walked through with our Riley.

Remember what I said about Riley traveling well? Well, he USED to travel well, but I have to say he's been a pain in the ass this leg of our trip. He's not being very cooperative, and Autism sucks. I swear I think he's getting worse! He's complaining all the time, and crying. The crying just puts me over the edge. Ok, now I realize that we are dragging him all over the place, trying to see everything here in New York, and that's hard for him. He's tired. I get it. Why can't he just sulk and be moody like a typical teen? I just think he should have more energy for a boy of 13. It's frustrating, and I will be calling the fucking Regional Center when we get back to see when they can get us in there for TESTING?!?! I just want to scream. I need some answers and some coping techniques. This Autism thing sucks like you wouldn't believe-well those of you dealing with Autism would believe it. You know.

We had a big issue at the Metropolitan Museum of Art yesterday, when he stubbed his toe on a step. Boy that place sure echoes. It was high drama. Europeans like to stare. He did split his nail all the way across, on his big toe, but it's still there, and it didn't bleed. I am sure people thought that city rats were gnawing his toes off one by one, by his reaction to the situation. Quinn banged the hell out of his head at the history museum, on a railing he didn't see (we heard it), and he didn't carry on like Riley did.

Today was better, but now he's not feeling well. We came back to the hotel a little after 4, and he's been here ever since. We'll see how he feels tomorrow. We may have to move some things around. He seems to like the things that we have done, it's just the getting there that's been the issue. We are using lots of taxis now.

I know I am the worst mother ever. I should be more compassionate, but my patience is wearing thin because I feel he's getting worse. He can't just go with the flow. We are always talking, talking, talking, smoothing, smoothing, smoothing. It's exhausting.

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