Saturday, July 9, 2011

Spending Time with a Friend

While Quinn was away last night at a birthday slumber party, and then another birthday party today, we took Riley to a local Japanese Bazaar. His friend was going to be there, and thought it would be fun for Riley to hang out with him while Kevin and I walked around.

Success! Riley enjoyed seeing his friend. There were games set up for the kids, so we bought him some tickets and let him be. It is always nice to see Riley enjoy something. No stomach aches, no complaining, just pure enjoyment.

The New York portion of our trip was a bit much for Riley. I don't think he was comfortable in NY, at all. He said he felt so small in such a big city. I think he enjoyed the things we did, but not all of the walking. He'd had the episode at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, with his toe, and it all went downhill for him from there. He did not enjoy the crowd for the 4th of July, and complained of a stomach ache. He had A LOT of stomach aches on this part of the trip. He has a physical on Monday, and I am going to ask his doctor about anxiety. I think he has anxiety issues, which causes the stomach aches. He even complained of a stomach ache in the cab, on the way to the airport. Once at the airport, and since then, no stomach aches. Things that make you go...hmmmmm.

Also, when we got home there was a letter waiting for us, from the Regional Center. Riley's turn is finally up! I called right away and talked to his case manager. We meet with her on July 26, and then I guess we go from there. Finally!! I am anxiously awaiting that appointment. They will do some testing for us. We are still keeping our Stanford appointment (whenever that will be), but this will help for now. In addition, we have decided to let Riley skip Scout camp this summer. He really doesn't want to go. He got sick there last year (anxiety I believe, now that I think about it), and now he doesn't want to go. I am not going to force him. We'll just get our money back, and then he'll stay home. Quinn goes at the same time Riley would have gone, so we will find some things to do, just the two of us-Kevin is going with Quinn for the first part of the week.

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