Sunday, August 21, 2011

Home From Disney

We are back from our trip to Disneyland. Riley had a blast. He left satisfied that he got to see all of the new planets in the updated Star Tours ride. We rode that ride more than any other ride. It's a really good ride. Riley liked it a lot. Actually, we ALL liked it a lot. There's something like 54 different combinations for the ride, so it's different every time. Really cool. There was much dismay when we still hadn't visited Hoth, but on our very last ride this morning, we got it. Much happiness all the way around.
Look at the pure joy on his face! We don't see this kind of smile a lot. He really likes the Mickey Silly Symphony Swings.

Round and round and round we all went. It really is a fun ride. Don't ask Quinn about it though, because it wasn't so fun for him.

I was looking at THIS BLOG tonight, and stumbled upon THIS IDEA. I love it!! Next time Riley needs blood work, I am all over that! It's an awesome idea!

This is the boys last week of summer. Riley needs to be at his orientation on Wednesday. Kevin is going to go with him. I am not sure that he can handle doing it on his own. Waiting in giant lines is not his favorite thing to do, and last year he actually cried out of frustration. I know what you are thinking, then how does he handle the long lines at Disneyland? We don't wait in long lines at Disneyland. We Fastpass all possible rides, and arrive to the parks at opening, which is the best chance of walking onto rides. We don't ever wait very long. Anyway, I digress, so I thought about hiring a teen to help Riley at orientation, but they are busy with their own orientations. I think having Kevin do it will be way more socially acceptable than if I went with him. It's only for 2 hours, and may not even take that long. I will write out all of the checks (yearbook, donations, PTSA, pictures, etc.) and then he and Kevin can drop them all off. The biggest obstacle is the long line to get the ID card, which he has to have, and which he can't Fastpass. I am sure he won't be the only one with a parent there. I hope. All of his friends have names that start with a later letter in the alphabet, so he can't even rely on them helping him. I think this is the only way. Should I try to find a teenager? Hmmm. Perhaps Kevin can just send him in, and wait outside for him, and if Riley has trouble, he can go out and get him. Yeah, maybe that's better. Yeah, that IS better. That's the plan. Kevin will take him, wait for him outside, and let him try to do it on his own. If there's an issue, Riley can simply go outside and ask for help. I feel much better about it now.

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