Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No Bones About It

We went to Santa Cruz on Sunday, and the boys were WINNERS! Well, they are always winners, but Sunday they got prizes for it.

Riley's had a nice couple of days. He enjoyed himself at Santa Cruz, and also at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which we visited yesterday. Today was pretty low key, after Riley's bone density test. It took 15 minutes. I walked him in with the nurse (who was so so friendly), and got him settled. She told him exactly what would happen. I went out to the waiting room, because I had Quinn out there, on his own. I knew he would do just fine, as long as there were no needles. He came out 15 minutes later, and was no worse for wear. They scanned his hips and his whole body. The results will be sent to his endocrinologist at Stanford. It's part of the Aromatase Inhibitor study, for his growth. Speaking of that, we started him on his pills, on Saturday. The pills will stop the production of estrogen, and allow his growth plate to remain open, so he has longer to grow. So far so good, no side effects or anything, and better yet, the pill is tiny. He has no problems swallowing it.

In other news, we thought maybe we could persuade Riley to go to Scout camp next week, as we just found out that the fee we paid is non-refundable. Just asking him to consider it brought on tears. I happen to think there are exceptions to the rule. Kevin is going to call the camp directly to see if we can get our money back, or at least some of it, otherwise, I suppose we will have to eat the cost. We just can't force him to go. If we do that, we will just end up having to pick him up early, and that will involve a big drive to do so. He's just not comfortable going. He says the food wasn't good, and his feet hurt a lot when he walks. He doesn't get that it COULD be different this year-it's a different camp. He doesn't even want to entertain the thought that it might be fun. Last year he was sick. Probably homesick, and they didn't let him call home. I had no idea how miserable he was, until he got home. I now think he had anxiety issues, which caused the stomach aches and the throwing up last year. He of course thinks the same thing will happen this year, because "bad things always happen" to him. We can't change his mind. So, he'll be here with me, and Quinn will go to his Scout camp, and the camp will most likely make $350. Expensive kid.

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