Thursday, August 4, 2011

Money Back?

I got this t-shirt for Riley, from Target. I LOVED this game when I had an Atari! Apparently there's a Wii version of it, but from what I have seen, it's nothing like the original. There's an online site where you can play the original versions, but when I tried today, it would never load. Bummer. Anyway, I digress.

Riley is not particular about what he wears. He really could care less. He doesn't seem to have any sensitivity issues with clothing at all, but also has no opinion on them. When purchasing clothes, I pick them out. He will pick what he wants to wear each day, out of his drawers. It makes shopping pretty easy as he's not fussy at all. I try really hard to keep him in style-we don't need any more reasons for other kids to tease him. Quinn is a LOT more fussy with his clothing. He HAS an opinion.
I took both boys school clothes/shoes shopping today. I actually had Riley show me shirts that he liked. He picked all three of them out himself. He also picked out his shoes, but I didn't let either boy get slip-on Vans today. They both got laces. Riley HATES to take the time to tie his shoes, but it's time to fade out the slip-ons, and transition to laces. I told him he can use his old Vans (slip-ons) for PE in the Fall.

In other news, it looks like we WILL be getting our money back (all of it) from Riley's Scout camp. Kevin talked with the head guy, and they do have a clause for refunding money for medical issues. Kevin told him it was a medical issue, and he asked no questions, and we'll be getting a check in the mail. I told Riley. He said, "Mmm hmmm." That is his response for EVERYTHING. It mostly drives me nuts.

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