Thursday, August 25, 2011

Officially an 8th Grader

It's official, Riley is an 8th grader. He has the ID to prove it. We are hoping that he doesn't lose this one, like he lost his first one as a 7th grader. He had his Maze Day yesterday, and got his schedule. Kevin went with him, and there were gobs of parents, so it was not unusual for Kevin to go in with him. They split up the tasks. Riley waited in some lines, and Kevin in others, so all was good. I don't know why I was worried. It all worked out well.

Riley got his schedule, and the first one, they accidentally gave him Honors Math, but since Kevin was there, he was able to round up the VP and point it out. The secretary called me later in the day, and I was able to pick up the revised schedule. Easy peasy. They were able to keep all classes where they were, and just substitute Honors Algebra with regular Algebra.

He has, in this order:
1. Beginning Band (same music teacher as last year, he's awesome)
2. PE (female teacher, head of the PE department-hmmmm, could be helpful)
3. Algebra 1 (female teacher, new to school)
4. Science (male teacher, seems organized-I checked out his web page)
5. English (AWESOME English teacher from last year!!!)
6. US History (male teacher-Riley should love this class as he loves history)

I believe the administrators and counselor did us some BIG favors with this schedule. They made it possible for Riley to get Beginning Band, and he got a female PE teacher who is very accommodating and compassionate (a PLUS, and I believe, also hand-picked for him), and I he got the same English teacher as last school year-I believe that was their doing as well. I had jokingly asked to have him again, and they said they weren't sure they could do that one, but he got him, and we are very pleased. I certainly hope the teacher doesn't mind having Riley again. I think Riley is very happy to have him again-it's familiar, and he already knows what to expect. So I am doing a happy dance, and hopeful that things will go a LOT better this year. I think Riley is even looking forward to school now. Oh, and his History teacher is married to the resource teacher at the school, so that could be very helpful as well! Fingers crossed everyone. The way this year goes will set the pace for his high school experience next year.

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