Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Feel Better Gift

It's been quite the year in the Crossman house. 2011 has sucked so far. Riley was home from school for 2 1/2 days this week. He returned to school today. He came home after 3rd period on Monday complaining of a stomach ache, headache, and he felt faintish. He even slept in the middle of the day. Tuesday he stayed home and he was still not feeling well on Wednesday. He never had a fever, but the stomach ache continued. I took him in to see the doctor today. She thinks it's viral, but if it doesn't go away in a few days, we are to go back. He is so stressed out with school. Between that and Quinn's nightmare of a baseball season (he's still sitting on the bench two innings EVERY game while others don't ever sit), my frustration level is at an all time high. I feel horrible for both boys, so I purchased this for them...

Riley especially has been wanting it. He's super excited to see the new Pirates movie, which starts tomorrow!! I think we may go see it tomorrow night. So I thought the game would help, and then the mail came today...

It appears Riley is currently earning a D in Math (hard to do well when the teacher doesn't TEACH), and here's the best part...he's earning an F in PE. Yes, again. I swear that man (his teacher) is brain dead. He just doesn't get it. We met with him in March (when Riley was earning an F at that time as well), and explained the Autism disorder to him, and gave him information about the disorder. At that time he told us that some of the grades "were missing," and he wasn't getting an F. So WTF is it this time??? He dresses every day, participates to the best of his ability, and is not a behavior problem. What is this man's problem? He indicated on the progress note that Riley has "poor test performance, work below standards, poor effort/achievement." Interesting that just a month ago, on his REPORT CARD, the PE teacher noted that Riley displayed "good effort." So what has changed?

I did not handle it well. I fired off a nasty email to the PE teacher, and I CC'd the Principal, VP, school counselor and the psychologist. I dropped the "A" word (advocate), and included a link to our district's website with information about Autism. Then I emailed the superintendent to request a meeting with him (to discuss teacher training for high functioning Autism, but don't think I won't "tattle" on a couple of teachers). Tomorrow I will call the director of special ed, and perhaps the director of secondary ed (since the principal never responded to my email where I stated I was concerned Riley might hurt himself). Oh and Kevin is calling the VP to discuss this matter, and perhaps the lovely Math teacher.

I feel I am doing nothing but fighting for my kids lately. It sucks, but if I don't fight, who will? Who will care for my kids? Who will see that they succeed? Certainly not two of Riley's teachers (Science teacher is off the hook this time), and certainly not Quinn's coach. That leaves me and Kevin. Heads are about to roll. I am on a mission to find happiness for my kids, my husband and myself.

17 days left of school, and 5 more baseball games.

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