Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Finally a Bone!

This picture has nothing to do with anything, except that Riley and I were at Target one day looking for treats for Maya, and we came across this giant bone.

It's a really big bone. I wonder how long it would take Maya to chew that up?

Stanford threw US a bone today-no Riley's name isn't up for the Autism testing (darn). We got confirmation that Riley qualifies for the study at Stanford. It has a name, but I can't understand what the doctor is saying to me-she has a thick European accent (French?). Someone from Lucile Packard called today to set up the appointment. It's June 15. It involves taking some kind of medication, and having a blood test every so often. This medication will freeze his growth plate, which will allow him to continue to grow. This could probably gain him more height then hormone shots would. If it goes well, this could be something that Quinn could benefit from down the road. Riley won't be happy to hear about the lab visits, but he also doesn't like the comments he gets for being short.

Everything else with Riley is calm right now. The kids seemed to have laid off of him-at least for now. He is taking state tests this week at school, so he's been getting out early all week, and has had little to no homework. He is LOVING that. Let me tell you I am LOVING that too!! He feels good about the tests-the state tests have never been an issue for him. He tests well. He doesn't mind taking them at all. He's also pretty pleased that for the remaining two days, he'll be with his 2nd period class for 138 minutes. He so loves that Recorder class.

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