Sunday, May 22, 2011

Walk Now for Autism

Yesterday was the big walk for Autism! Walk Now for Autism Speaks. My mom, Riley and I got up, bright and early, and headed to San Jose for the walk. The weather was beautiful, and there were LOTS of people!
Walking the route.
The race started under this tower.
See? Lots of people!!
My mom, Riley and I. We all made our goal, so we got t-shirts.
The walk was held at History San Jose in Kelley Park. It's all of these old buildings, assembled into a cute little town. The buildings were moved to this location, and I guess when the park is open, the houses/buildings are open. It's a museum. Really cool, and we will have to go back to visit.
Look at how adorable that gas station is!

Check it out!! They had Darth Vader and Storm Troopers at the walk!! Super cool! I made Riley pose-he was undecided. Have I mentioned he can't make a decision? Not about anything. Here's an example: "Riley do you want a Panda hat?" (We were at the Giants game today). Riley: "maybe." I got him a foam finger instead. He needs to be forced into a decision.

Update: I received an email from the school psychologist from Riley's school. She is really wanting to make things right. We have a meeting Wednesday. Of course her schedule does not at all work into my schedule, so I will be getting a sub (again) so that I can attend the meeting. I got an email from the VP this weekend as well, and he'll be in attendance on Wednesday. He also mentioned he would check the schedule of the PE teacher (and I am SURE that man will clear his entire schedule to meet with us-lol). I don't need the PE teacher there. We have already spoken directly to him, in March. What I do need is something in place to get Riley through the last 16 days of school, and if I like those ideas, we will proceed with those in place next school year. If I don't like them, then I will opt him out of PE for 8th grade. We are NOT doing this again next year. These male teachers need to realize that they can't change Riley, or "make him into a man."

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