Thursday, April 28, 2011

Feeding the Obsession

I think I have mentioned that Riley has had and has obsessions. One of the latest, and longest is Disney. Anything related to Disney parks. He is a wealth of information. We surprised both boys with a trip to Disneyland before we go to Legoland. Riley is in his element. He is super happy. I miss the super happy Riley. He has been a little critical of his brother though, because Quinn is not up on all of the Disney information, and that has caused a few cross words and a few serious scoldings. Riley does not get that Quinn does not know as much about Disney as Riley does, and he's not very patient about it either. Other than that, he is having a blast!
We rode the Monorail today, to Downtown Disney. We had just missed one because we were taking pictures, so we were first to get up to the platform. I asked if we could ride in the front of the Monorail. For those of you who are not Disney geeks, you can ride in the front, with the driver, you just have to ask them. We got lucky and got the front. Riley LOVES to ride in the front. You get an awesome view.
Both boys love Big Thunder Mountain. Riley pointed out the hidden Mickeys to Quinn. He pointed out Hidden Mickeys to all of us, on just about every ride we rode!

Kevin, Quinn and Riley in line for the Matterhorn. Riley loves that one too-oh and there's a hidden Mickey!

Things I observed about Riley today: the cast members will ask questions of guests, favorite ride, where are you from etc. Riley will always look to Quinn first and then might answer the question, or he might not. He gives short answers or agrees with Quinn. The cast member loading riders at the Monsters Inc ride asked Riley about his shirt-had he ridden Everest? (Expedition Everest is a ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom, in Florida). Riley did answer that time, and offered a few more words than usual. He really likes that ride thought, so he feels more confident answering questions about it. Opinion type questions are hard for him. He won't commit to his feelings toward something, especially if a decision is involved. Riley also had a small conversation about his hat, with a woman (tourist) in a gift shop. He was answering her question about where he got it (she liked it and wanted one for her nephew), but she didn't get what he was saying-we got the hat in ToonTown inside Disneyland, which if someone is new to the park, may not necessarily know about. I stepped in and explained it to her, and then found it for her in the gift shop that we were in. He did not make eye contact with her once.

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