Monday, April 11, 2011


Riley got his homework finished before 5 pm tonight! That's a first. It usually takes him so long to do it-not because he can't, but because he just won't stop watching Youtube videos and get it done. Apparently he got the math homework done in class. Seriously, when does this woman actually teach math??? They start their homework every day, and she tells them that they shouldn't have homework because they can get it done in class. Um, then it's not homework. It's class work. He had to print out an article about plants for his science class-hopefully he chose wisely with his article. He had the standard paragraph response for his English class, which he usually finishes quickly. That left history-he had the second part of his project to finish. He was quite pleased with himself, and had lots of time to play the Wii and fight with his brother.
Here's the second part of Riley's history project. It's a web chart. He picked the pictures to print out, and came up with the facts himself. He needed four facts under each category. He did a good job with it. I could tell he was interested in it by the extent of his work. When he's interested, he spends more time. If he doesn't see the value or interest in something, he won't put in the extra. That's when Kevin and I have to step in and make him redo stuff. This project looks good!

I noticed the Lego Marios and other characters on Riley's shelf tonight, mixed in with his travel souvenirs. Both boys love to look at tutorials on the internet, and then build things with their Legos. Good thing we have plans to take these boys to Legoland for Spring Break!

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