Friday, April 8, 2011


Poor Riley has had a rough week. He's tired, and the week's been dramatic. He even fell asleep for a little while today, after school! When he woke up this morning, he was complaining (a lot) that his legs hurt. I had no idea why his legs hurt, but he had to go to school. I also discovered that he didn't complete two pieces of his History homework, so I pestered him to complete that. He was not a happy camper between the finishing of homework, the sore legs, and the lab events of yesterday, which still irritate him if you ask him about it. When his carpool arrived this morning, and took him to school, the mom sent me a text saying Riley was upset. I responded that I knew he was, his legs hurt, and we gave him Tylenol. She then texted that he told her that his parents "forced him to go to school." Forced. I had to laugh. I texted back that indeed I did "force" my child to go to school this morning. I think we both had a good laugh about that this morning. He's so dramatic. So after school I asked Riley if his legs still hurt. He said they did. It's hard to tell with Riley just how much something hurts him because he thinks everything is killing him. The legs still hurt. Come to find out, they did some sort of aerobic activity in PE yesterday-Riley's exact words were, "long, strange exercises, which were not fun." He said it was called the Insanity Workout. Oh. Everything is clear. He exercised and is sore. LOL. I am glad I "forced" him to go to school then.
Riley at piano tonight. He sure is loving it. Look, teeth in the picture! We have to prompt him to smile showing teeth.

Here's the proof of his love for piano-more teeth! Riley has already completed Beginner Primer A in piano-apparently the fastest any of his teacher's students! He's had 5 lessons. He came right home and started practicing, playing the Wheel of Fortune theme song.

I am so proud of him! I am also so happy that we have finally found something for him to do so that he can feel success! Watch out people, he's the next Elton John!

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