Friday, April 15, 2011

Progress Check

We may be making some progress. Report cards came home today from the Junior High. Riley did ok (except for math, which he could do better in, if the teacher actually taught-go figure). The PE teacher gave Riley a solid C, which we were happy with, especially in light of the progress note he sent home for an F! He did put that Riley had good effort and achievement. I think he gets it, and I think he is understanding of Riley's situation. Example: The other day Kevin had to go to school and pick Riley up. He had a horrible headache, and it sort of came to a head (no pun intended) during PE exercises. Riley stopped exercising and the teacher asked him what was wrong and he said his head really hurt. He asked no other questions, told him to get dressed and go to the office. The secretary called me to tell me Riley was in there with a really bad headache and what should she do? I asked her how he was handling it. She said she couldn't really get a straight answer out of him, but that he was rather uncomfortable. Now, everything that hurts Riley has him convinced that he is dying, so we never know if things really hurt, or just sort of hurt. Riley has no patience for pain, so we opted to have Kevin go ahead and pick him up-it was 2:00 and school got out at 2:18, so he wasn't missing much. It was easier than having the mini meltdown if he had to stay, and then had to walk home. Because we are trying to limit the amount of crying he does at school (which has been limited to only two incidents this entire school year, an improvement), Kevin picked him up. Crying in Junior High is like social suicide. The secretary was great about it-very understanding, and we had a good laugh about the drama of it all. The office staff there is truly awesome.

This was taken last spring break, at Scheels in Reno.

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  1. Riley works very hard..I just wish that all his teachers recognized this..
    Sounds like PE teacher is onboard now...either that or he does not want to deal with mom..:) ;) Next school year will be better...IEP will be in place :)