Saturday, April 9, 2011

Projects, Nominations and Friends

Riley has a project due for history. It's due in parts, 6 parts I believe. We were able to talk him into getting one part done for sure, and then starting the next one. He also had some math to do today, so he got that done as well. I hate making him work on the weekends, but there are things that have to be done.

Riley came home from school yesterday with a paper from his PE teacher. It is a nomination to the Web program at Riley's school. It's a leadership program for 8th graders. Their job is to help the 7th graders. I am not sure it's something Riley will feel comfortable doing, but it was a really nice gesture from his PE teacher. Kevin and I feel strongly that he give it a try-it may help build his self confidence, and force him to talk to others. We'll let him make the decision in the end though. I think the PE teacher was thinking the same thing, that it would help with his confidence and build on his social skills. It makes me very happy that the teacher thought of Riley for the role. Only 5 kids (from that class at least) got nominations. We will look at the required dates and see if they work with our summer schedule, and then let Riley make the ultimate decision.

My friend Valerie (seen above, clapping) texted me this picture today. Isn't it cute? That's Riley in the red shirt. Her son, Cody, is behind him, in the overalls. I believe this was at her son's first birthday party-looks like Gymboree, and it looks like we are under a parachute. Cody is 13 on Monday. Valerie and I (and two other moms) have been friends since our oldest kids were around 6 weeks of age. We met at Mommy & Me. Cody is the last one to turn 13 of the group. Time just flies. Oh, do you like our giant video camera? That's Kevin taking video and me, next to him.

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  1. Julie, I just wanted to let you know I'm following along. You and Kevin are doing a great job. ((hugs))