Saturday, April 30, 2011

We spent today at Legoland. Another place where Riley was in his element. He enjoyed just about everything about the park. Both boys are crazy about Legos, but I would say that Riley's fascination is a lot stronger than Quinn's. He's been hanging onto his money to spend on new Pirates of the Caribbean Lego sets-he bought two sets this trip.
We were waiting for Kevin and Quinn to ride the log ride and happened upon this shark. Riley looks content in this picture even if he's being eaten by a shark.
They have giant displays of the Pharaoh's Quest Legos!

The highlight of the trip was the new Star Wars display in Miniland USA. I have to say that the displays were pretty cool, especially this Millennium Falcon!

I really like going on outings to amusement type places. We can send Riley off to get his own food or drinks, pay for souvenirs, or find a bathroom, and we don't have to worry that he'll get lost. It's good experience for him to have to talk to strangers in order to get what he wants.

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