Sunday, April 10, 2011

What Fun!

Riley got to spend some time today with one of his friends. He was super excited because this particular friend moved away. He and his family don't live far, so we plan to let the boys remain in touch. I don't have a picture of them together, but according to the other mom, it was non-stop Pokemon talking in the car! She has two boys too, so I am sure she's used to the "boy" speak. I try to stay in the conversation, but I get lost. It just doesn't hold my attention-imagine that. They went to see the movie Hop, and then had lunch after. He had a really good time.

Riley got most of the pieces of his History project done. He has a few things left to do, that won't take him long-or shouldn't take him long. The one part due tomorrow is complete though. He got to spend some time playing Wii with his brother this afternoon.

So Riley has this obsession with Disney. Our dinner conversation tonight (at Chevy's for the baseball fundraiser night) consisted of Disney talk. He likes to ask us questions like: What is your favorite ride at Disneyland that's been in the park since it opened? Well, that's an easy one for him-he knows all that stuff, but the rest of us have to think about it. Kevin can always come up with an answer (he knows this stuff too), and I can usually get by, but Quinn (being 9 years old, and not Disney obsessed), never can. It frustrates Riley to no end. We keep telling him that Quinn doesn't know all that Riley does, but it's lost on him. If you don't share his interests, then he gets a bit upset. I feel badly for Quinn, who really has to deal with a lot in terms of Riley. He's pretty easy going though, except when it comes to food. He's been VERY vocal lately that he "can't take it anymore," when the foods he wants to eat have been already eaten by Riley, who seems to not understand portion control lately. We now have to monitor everything, and how much of it, he eats. He will eat us out of house and home!

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